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GRHRCH War Eagle’s Frequent Flyer MH ‘ABBEY’
graphicGRHRCH War Eagle’s Frequent Flyer MH ‘ABBEY’

Hardworking and affectionate companion. Lives and breathes to please. A consistent performer throughout her career including an HRC Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Title and AKC Master Hunter Title. Her disposition is always calm and cool. If you are looking for an all around chocolate family/event/gundog, look no further.
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DOB: 02-08-2003 | AKC: SR05664250 | UKC: R168-640
OFA: LR-149963G24F-PI | EIC: Clear | CERF: Clear

6xGRHRCH War Eagle’s Big Bottom Gal MH ‘SULLY’ line
graphic6xGRHRCH War Eagle’s Big Bottom Gal MH ‘SULLY’

Sully is one of the most exciting dogs we have had the opportunity to train and hunt. Her patience in the duck blind is in stark contrast to the BIG WATER ENTRIES and controlled lightning take-off! Sully’s calmness in the holding blind is complimented by her focus and determination in the field. If you are looking for a howitzer fitted with a silencer and packaged in a 50lb frame...Sully is all that! She has 6 HRC Grand Passes as well as her AKC Master Hunter Title! We encourage all who are interested to watch for Sully at the next hunt test or come visit her at our training grounds.
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DOB: 05-19-2001 | AKC: SN84870108 | UKC: R157-726 | CERF: LR-32582/2001—7

GRHRCH Virgin Timber’s Daisy Cutter MH ‘DAISY’
graphicGRHRCH Virgin Timber’s Daisy Cutter MH ‘DAISY’

What an AWESOME dog. She is an intense retriever with excellent marking skills and focus at the line. Runs blinds with the same enthusiasm as marks. Whether you are training or running a weekend event Daisy is always 100%. Incredible desire with impeccable manners. What a joy it has been to work this exceptional animal everyday. We encourage you to come and see for yourself.
›› Daisy’s Pedigree ››
DOB: 06-05-2005 | AKC: SR2695504 | UKC: R177-756
OFA: LR-170921E28F-PI (Excellent) | CERF: LR-47695 - Clear | CNM: Clear

2xSRS-GRHRCH-GMHR Tennessee Hunter’s Midnight Star MH ‘STELLA’ line
graphic2xSRS-GRHRCH-GMHRTennessee Hunter’s Midnight Star MH ‘STELLA’

Stella is the first Retriever in SRS History to win 2 SRS Events! At 18 months old, She was the youngest dog in the history of the North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA) to achieve the Grand Master Hunting Retriever Title (GMHR)! Stella also has her HRC Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Title (GRHRCH) and her AKC Master Hunter Title (MH). She was the cornerstone to the War Eagle Retriever breeding program producing many GRHRCH, MH, HRCH, SH, and HR Titled offspring. What an incredible Athlete and Companion.
›› Stella’s Pedigree ››
DOB: 01-13-1999 | AKC: SN616192/09 | UKC: R146-544
OFA: LR-111894G24F/Good | CERF: LR-28572/200—21

HRCH War Eagle’s Bridge Over Stormy Water MH “STORMY”
graphicHRCH War Eagle’s Bridge Over Stormy Water MH “STORMY”

Stormy is a beautiful, 55 pound black female that is all business. She has her UKC Hunting Retriever Champion Title as well as her AKC Master Hunter Title. She is an extremely well balanced dog! Her Grand Dam is our very own 2xSRS-GRHRCH-GMHR “Stella” MH.
›› Stormy’s Pedigree ››
DOB: 8-19-2005 | AKC: SR28711208
UKC: R188-243 | OFA: LR–172646E28F-PI (Excellent)
CERF: Clear | EIC: Clear

Zippity Do Da Day QAA ‘ZIPPY’ line
graphicZippity Do Da Day QAA ‘ZIPPY’

Zippy is a beautiful, vibrant black female. Her perseverance and determination is unmatched. Her natural talent is expected, with a pedigree that speaks for itself. Zippy’s attitude is unwavering with regard to work or play. Her QAA status proves her abilities to remain focused and consistent in the most challenging environments. Ultimately, she is a very happy, loving companion.
›› Zippy’s Pedigree ››
DOB: 12/12/2003 | AKC: SR15116201
OFA: LR-162504E32F-PI (Excellent) | EIC: Clear